In Wonder, We Continue

The smell of burnt bacon, smoke filling the apartment, an egg in the pan, coffee dripping into the pot. A standard Saturday morning in my old apartment. Stuff that I can’t enjoy as much now that I don’t live alone. I can’t say I mind the smoky haze from burning something on the stove (as…

To The Root Of The Matter

Staggering life change and sudden, unexpected shifts can bring us back to the heart of who we are. This was the case for me roughly two months ago when my ex and I broke up. Finding some shots of her on this latest roll of film was surprising, but a bit welcome for a retrospective….

Like Filaments of Thought Drifting

My thoughts drift wild like spider’s silk in the wind, unburdened by fate or destiny, unhindered by apprehension, and unbound by rules of engagement. My eyes are wide, listening to the music of the sky and drinking deep of the symphony of the pines. The approach is near, the ascent beginning, the starter pistol fired….

Let’s Get Out Of Here

I’ll freely admit there’s things I miss about my old Buick. Something about how plush the seats were, the missing suspension, the smooth ride and way it swayed all over on the road, were just like home. But now that I’ve got a much newer car, I find it hard to miss the rest of…