Insert Title at Reader’s Discretion

Life moves apace.

Perhaps not at the speed or consistency that we wish, but it moves nonetheless. I’ve been looking at the dates in my journal with chagrin as the once-daily writings have stretched to once or twice monthly. It’s, simply put, not ideal. Understandable, and honestly not a big deal, but something that annoys me nevertheless.

Life has a way of handing me new things either all at once or over extremely drawn out periods of time. Currently, I’m headed into a tailspin of All At Once, or so it appears on the horizon. Remember how I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel for this blog? That’s probably not happening. Too much effort for what I’ve got coming.

Usually I would try to have a musing or philosophical bent to my posts, but today it’s okay to be different. I’ll just recommend the 1971 album by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, “Tarkus”

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