A Flight Of Stones and Memory

Sometimes it throws me off how much stones can look like they’re moving, living things. Like a branch shifting in the wind, buffeted by a passing storm. Just an interesting image.

I’m acutely aware of my inactivity on this blog as of late. I suppose that as I leave a chapter of solitude and introspection, it’s only natural that my thoughts turn outward rather than inward more often. I’m writing more poetry, but with that comes a desire to craft and edit that usually isn’t present. I can usually just write and post, without having to retread and reread. But now, I have a desire to put more effort into these projects, for some reason.

I find myself listening to records again on a regular basis but I keep failing to finish a whole side at a time, so I get to know the start of each side very well. It helps that most of my vinyl is on the calmer side, so I often use it to add to the ambience as I do other stuff. I think my plants appreciate it in any case.

Hopefully I’ll come back from Yellowstone this weekend with some more interesting stuff to say to y’all. Until then, look at some cool photographs I took a while back.

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  1. Doyce Lord says:

    The rock formation is stunning, And what beautiful color in the next one. Are these near you? Yellowstone huh!! Ashley and Azen went last year. Awesome pictures


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