In The Absence Of

Ah, magical backlight. Only when things are lit from behind can you achieve the idea of the magical and ethereal. It lends itself to thoughts of sweet melancholy, wistful daydreams and a longing for times we never lived in. In the absence of direct and clear light, we can see things in a more beautiful way.

Sure, it takes more effort to make out the details, but it’s worth it for the air and emotion it gives the image. Same in life, I’m finding. Those things that make me feel most alive are the ones I don’t put the light on. I let them be backlit by the rest of the things in my life. As soon as you single something out and spotlight it, it becomes bland and flat. So I let the best stuff live in shadow. Writing in my journal, thinking out loud on here, taking photos that’ll never reach the internet, listening to good music, driving far away.

I don’t think that would work for everyone, but it works for me.

Still, it’s worth a try, right? Let the important stuff sit just to the side of the things you focus on. Let it be like your peripheral vision, where it’s definitely there, and important, but it’s not overshadowed by That Thing You Have To Do Today. That’s a recipe for forgetting what you’re passionate about.

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