A Tale As Old As Time

As nights grow short, and evenings fade

I think of you and the life we’d made.

The plans we wrought and times we shared

Early morn and late night stare

I wonder what we could have been

If time, cruel mistress, never said

“Enough’s enough, it’s time to end”

For love’s not one to hide away

Or in the darkness always stay

Its heart beats loud and proud and strong

To dance in moonlight ever long

My arms are wide, your eyes aglow

Our souls in sync, a precious flow

And to the end of the earth together we’ll go

But now I sit, and heavy, think

And to my words put pen and ink

For life is hard, her queries strange

The “what if?” Recurring ever again

But if I should die before I wake

I know our time was never waste

Remember slow, and never haste.

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