Walking Shoes

Travel is a funny thing sometimes. It doesn’t have to be far, but just getting out of the house can have a profound impact on the day’s events.

I’m trying to get in a habit of leaving the house to get work done, now that I can. And surprisingly it’s working quite well. I get considerably more done at a coffee shop with a nice cinnamon roll beside my workspace than I ever do at my desk at home, surrounded by photos and plants. Those things have their place, of course. I’d never consider trying to edit a video or edit photos somewhere else. But when it comes to writing, drawing, and creating new ideas, there’s nothing like Anywhere Outside the House.

Even as I write this, I’m in a near empty coffee shop just up the road from the apartment. It’s only open til 9, which is unfortunate, but my usual spot is closed for the day already. Vanilla chai tea on the desk beside me, wafting a sweet perfume over the scents of cinnamon roll and coffee elsewhere in the establishment.

Change in scenery reinvigorates the mind, and reawakens you to what’s around. Even if it’s just a little different, it’ll open your eyes to new ideas. Sometimes just going out into the backyard is enough for me, though I prefer to run away farther, to a cafe at least. It creates a separation between the mundane and normal, and the exciting and inspirational. Even if the place is often the same, you get the benefit because it’s outside of the space you “live” in.

Although we’re in the midst of a confusing and bothersome time, don’t let that prevent you from finding your getaway space. It’s important to see the world in a new light, and that can only happen if you realign the world into a new pattern somehow.

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