The Rate at Which Ferns Grow

Rabbit’s foot ferns grow rather slowly.

The pictured fern now sits on my desk at work, in a new tiny mug, and thriving. At the point when I took this photo, it had been recently moved into this glass container; I bought it a few months prior to place in a terrarium, and clipped the full plant in half. The larger chunk of the plant died in the sealed terrarium I made, while this small part just kept on trucking.

It got down to the point where all the “feet” were brown and breaking off, and only two leaves remained. The dirt was dry and cracked, and there was barely a spot of green to the leaves that were still hanging on. I babied that fern for months, checking on it daily, hoping and praying that it would survive and start growing again. I moved into a new apartment, and moved the plant to a new mug (one designed for espresso).

Now, I look over and see a full spread of leaves, healthy soil, and the “feet” are growing fast and green.

I feel a lot like that fern sometimes.

On a bad day, I feel like all the world is against me, and there’s nothing I can do but hope and pray that I’ll make it through in one piece. Other days I can’t help shaking the fact that I’m growing more every day and becoming who I’m supposed to be with every passing hour. For now I’m decently certain that I’m in a growth phase. The will and determination I have for my goals is stronger than it’s ever been.

Be like a fern. Just keep hanging on and refusing to die.

If it works for a plant, I figure it ought to work for people, too.

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