It’s funny to me that I took on the online presence of Citizen of Mars as a result of a joke someone made when I was in highschool. I’ve always been fascinated by otherworldly things, the planets and stars.

It’s frustrating that we don’t dwell on that stuff as much as we could. Pondering the vastness of what we don’t know, haven’t seen, may never hear. there’s just so much universe out there, and most of us don’t even take the time to explore the world around us. Heck, I’m even guilty of this! I live in Colorado, and I only get up into the mountains once or twice a month. It’s a tragedy.

I’ve started a game called Outer Wilds, that is all about space exploration, seeing different worlds, and trying to figure out why the system seems to be in a time loop. I find it very relaxing, despite constant peril from the sun, space monsters, and monitoring fuel/oxygen levels. It’s much like another game I played, Subnautica. I’d recommend both of them, if only for the inspiration they cause me to feel, to go out and see what I can explore in my own world.

There’s an excitement to the unknown. I often hike alone, and I find it far more fun than when I bring someone along. there’s the risk involved in hiking alone, but also the wonder and ability to just stop and pause for however long you need. I can sit and watch the shadows lengthen on an odd outcropping when I am alone, but people find it weird if you do that in a group. I can convince myself when hiking alone that perhaps I’ve crashed on an alien planet, and am searching for signs of intelligent life, shelter, or a new artifact. It’s great fun.

I’m trying to be more intentional about posting on here this year, if not necessarily intentional about what I post. Bear with me as I figure out the best way to utilize this space.

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