The Power of Song

I’ve always touted the importance of music, and the power it has over us. Personally, almost nothing affects me in the same way that a good piece of music does. Whether that be the Grand Canyon Suite, a powerful rap piece, or a choral cover of a pop song, it can make the hair on my arms stand up, and a chill run through my body.

We give that power to music, I think. We seek it out to amplify the feelings we just can’t get enough of. A soaring symphony welcoming the sunrise to inspire the hike on the horizon. A driving beat to build courage and fearlessness. Pop and excited rhythms to engage the flutter of our hearts in love.

I find that music is indelibly connected to my photography. If I’ve been on a new line of listening lately, my pictures tend toward experimentation and trying new things. If I’ve returned to roots and music I know well, I might lean toward framings and subjects I’m more comfortable with.

I don’t know quite what to say other than this. Make a soundtrack for your life. Make two, three, I don’t care. Make it yours and make it loud. Or quiet, if that’s your thing.

I’m quite enjoying the Grand Canyon Suite as rendered by the London Festival Orchestra and Stanley Black. That, and the album Oregon to Virginia by The Riverside. Good tunes.

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