A new year, what a concept.

Already, I’ve read two books, and have started on a third.

I hiked 5 miles today on a morning whim, and I’m doing Whole30 in January.

I find that my mind has (subconsciously or not) pulled a reset on me in regard to my creative endeavors. My xbox and Switch don’t have the same pull they did, and I’m playing more of my vinyl. I did a (hopefully) final cull of my Objects. Those things that I have, but don’t use. Seems that now I’m finally holding onto only those things I’m truly attached to or use constantly.

It’s funny how your brain can do that, you know?

We get into this flow of things, convincing ourselves that the way our life currently exists will perpetuate and go on forever. And yet, we’re constantly changing, molding to new experiences or shifting violently in response to a brash new choice we’ve made.

My 2020 goals are not simple, and hard to articulate.

But in them, I hope to become better, and happier, and more attuned to my faith.

I think it’ll be worth it.

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