Crisp and Clear

The last two weeks were crazy at work, and it’s nice to be done.

When I woke up this morning, there was a fresh crispness to the air as it blew into my apartment. The first fingers of Fall grasping at the waning of Summer.

The changing of the seasons always feels like the release of a pressure valve to me. It’s a moment that we can’t help but stop to notice that everything is turning toward a new time. Our bodies and minds intuit the shift before we do, I think. As I write this, I haven’t stepped outside yet, but as I was getting ready this morning, just from the smell of the air I said aloud, “Dang, it’s Fall.” unprompted.

Soon the leaves will start coloring, and the scent of snow and ice will fill our nostrils. But before the world is blanketed in a tomb of white, we get Fall.

Fall, or Autumn if I’m feeling romantic, is my favorite season. I step outside and smile. It’s the time of year rife with anticipation and excitement. There’s winter to look forward to, and summer to reflect on, and the mountains are shifting and morphing with every day that goes by. It’s the embodiment of Escape.

As I come down from two weeks of stress, planning, and organization, I know that for a few blissful weeks, I’ll get chaotic escape in Nature. Warm afternoons, cold mornings, colorful days and starry nights. The kind of escape where simply Being Outside reminds me how wonderful the world is, and knowing I don’t have to worry about impending projects, deadlines, or parties. I can simply Be.

I look forward to this time every year. Maybe you do too. Enjoy it.

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