The Fae Allure

A big part of my approach to photography lies in capturing the feeling of a moment. Not just the aesthetic of the light and shadow, the subject, the color, the surroundings, but the emotion and gut feeling that a moment pulls out of me.

I’m drawn, more often than not, to the soft light of morning, the drift of blue in the hour after dusk, the light filtered through the trees in midday. There’s a quality to that light that makes it seem like its been on its way for years, and I just stumbled on it at that brief juncture. It fills my lungs and clouds my brain in a way that just makes me smile.

I could sit in a pool of yellow light for an hour in fascination, watching that single mushroom that sits by the edge of the water. I’m always enthralled as the sun goes down, and see the gentle slide of the sky from white and blue to purple, orange, and red fading to bluish-black.

If you pay attention, you can find the otherworldly all over this planet.

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  1. I completely agree! The light is the poetry that makes life worth living.


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