Nostalgia For Times Unknown

I was talking with a co-worker yesterday about the newest Bon Iver album, “i,i”. She mentioned that it brought feelings of nostalgia, unattached to a specific time. I can’t help but agree.

Especially on songs like “Holyfields,”, “U(Man Like)”, and “Naeem”, there’s a kind of frisson that builds alongside rose tinted memories of the past. I think more of us need to experience that kind of reflection, through the lens of another’s music. It’s a calm serenity built on a framework of sound, allowing us to take a look at our own past and how it’s shaped us.

Whether it’s a guitar passed down from an uncle who’s passed away before your birth, or time spent with your grandpa, using the camera he grew up with, our past shapes us. It molds our daily experience at every moment. If we don’t take time to look back and see how we’ve reached where we are now, how can we move forward?

Do me a favor and listen to “Hey Ma” from “i,i” today. I think it’s worth the 3 minutes.

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