The Analog Brain

the road leading into Great Sand Dunes National Park

This blog is something I’ve planned on setting up for a while now.

The mind is a complicated thing, and mine is no different. However, I have come to love things like film photography, vinyl, and camping, and that changes the way I view the world.

The purpose of this blog/website/online-thought-processor will be a myriad of things while it exists. Whether a post is a series of images without captions, a long brain dump accompanying a single photo, or an attempt at esoteric poetry (alongside the inspiring photo), I’m not making it for anyone but myself. I think that’s important.

Making things for ourselves, and only for that purpose, seems discouraged by the world we live in. We are guided into paths of profitability, fame, work, stress, the idea that if you’re not putting out “content”, you’ve somehow failed. I aim to debunk that idea.

I’m not the smartest person out there. Definitely not the most well read. I dare say I’m not the most practiced in my art, and I’m straight up not good at a lot of things. But that’s okay. I’m going to keep taking pictures and sharing them in the hope that someone gets a little pleasure out of the stuff I put out.

So to whoever is reading this, welcome. Enjoy your stay.

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